Welcome to the gentle, yet powerful healing energies expressed through craniosacral therapy, multidimensional healing and vibrational art.

About Luminessence

Gentle Effective Sensitive

Luminessence approaches wellness with a body and soul led approach.  We understand that the body will release in turn that which it has the resources to release and that which is ready to shift. 

In it's intelligence, the body shows us how it needs to heal and the order that it needs to heal in.  We take into consideration the overall picture including multiple layers of the spiritual anatomy, physical and emotional components and the inter relationships between all family members and partners that impact the situation or issue.  

We work with the bodies inherent healing ability to move you into wellness on all levels.  The understanding is that the more gentle and supportive you can be with the body and being, and therefore the less invasive, the more the body can release and transform.  

This is a very profound and effective healing system and results can be both immediate and accumulative depending on the complexity of the issue.

 Using craniosacral therapy, medical intuition, multidimensional healing we can work with you to restore your health and wellbeing, your lifestyle and spiritual development.  See the options in the menu for more detailed information.

When Should I Seek Treatment?

Ideally treatment should occur weekly for acute physical/mental/emotional symptom until the issue is resolved.  

Fortnightly sessions are beneficial for spiritual development and wellbeing or preconception/fertility/post partum treatments.

Maintenance of pre-existing condition, pregnancy and spiritual development benefit from monthly sessions.

If there is a physical or emotional trauma such as a fall/accident or shock, vaccination or surgery, the sooner after the incident that treatment occurs the better.  

Treatment during acute onset of a episodic events such as migraine, period pain, illness or infection, allergic reaction is highly recommended.

The Peacock represents alignment and symmetry of the physical, energetic and spiritual bodies. 

Mission Statement

The feather display of the peacock signifies the luminance that emerges from the expansion of inner beauty and expression of the soul essence.  When we extend our divine connection energetically upward into the infinite and ground deeply into the earth we can expand our soul essence outward through all our energy bodies and this becomes visible on some level to others.    

By conducting ourselves from this alignment, we are aligning with our life purpose and we naturally express integrity and truth in all we do.  This is the intention of Lumin Essence.