About Luminessence

Gentle Effective Sensitive

Luminessence approaches wellness with a body and soul led approach.  We understand that the body will release in turn that which it has the resources to release and that which is ready to shift. In it's intelligence, the body shows us how it needs to heal and the order that it needs to heal in.  We take into consideration the overall picture and inter relationships between all family members and partners that impact the situation or issue.  Animals and babies even at pre-conception are all contributing to the overall condition and often can be picked up in a healing for the individual.

Cellular memory can bring to the surface events that are not consciously remembered such as events that occurred whilst in the womb.  An example is Vanishing Twin Syndrome- a twin that died in-utero will be effecting the being and the family members psychologically, physiologically, energetically, spiritually and emotionally.  Events like this can impact relationships, work life and general view of the world and environment.  This can be treated over several sessions to unpeel the layers of contributing factors to enable empowerment and freedom for the first time.

 At another level, we can work with even more deeply sub-conscious or super conscious issues that can be  observed in the outer layers of our energetic bodies and multi-dimensional layers.  Residing here are etheric cords connecting us to lost loved ones or traumas held from past lives.

Those that are struggling with food or environmental sensitivities can release multiple levels of causes such as frequency disharmonies, autonomic nervous system involvement due to unresolved shock or trauma,  traumatic emotional holding neuronally attached to specific foods, chemicals or places.  Luminessence takes all aspects into consideration to bring you into wellness and alignment with your body, soul and life purpose.

A result of regular treatment is an opening up of conscious awareness and spiritual gifts.