Sensitivities, Intolerance & Allergies

We have  combined techniques from craniosacral therapy, spiritual healing and medical intuition to discern and treat sensitivities to food, chemicals, plants, environments and any situation that your body responds to in an abnormal way.

What are Allergies, Intolerances and Sensitivities? 

Sensitivity or Allergy? 

An allergy is an acute immune reaction in your body to a substance you have come into contact with.  These can be life threatening or mild and are measurable by blood tests or prick tests.

A sensitivity or intolerance (interchangeable) is a chemical reaction  within your body that cannot be measured by an IgE immune blood test as there is no response at that level.  The symptoms can be just as severe and debilitating, but is not measurable by science as a cause and reaction effect.

It is tricky to diagnose based on observation as you may be sensitive to substances that are found in a multitude of foods or environments and the effects can be accumulative, so one day you may be able to eat something without reaction and another day you may be flat with fatigue.  The reaction of your system depends on how well your immune system is functioning that day due to stress levels, amount of sleep obtained, hormonal levels to name a few as well as how much exposure you have had to that certain substance.

Generally an elimination diet would be required for foods with a dietician or immunologist overseeing the process.  There is no medical treatment except abstinence and some books are available to help you understand what the web of symptoms may suggest in terms of causes.  This is truly the difficult way to do it as you can be limited to very few food possibilities for a long time until your levels have reduced and your immune system is strengthened.

Some common culprits are:


Most fruit and veg, smells, essential oils, herbal remedies


Most herbs and veges and fruits, aspirin, medicines, herbal remedies


Sauces and fermented foods, corn, onion


Milk, yogurt, cream, butter, tin or packet foods and vitamins, tablets


This is contained in almost anything manufactured, bread, cakes, beer etc

Preservatives, Addititives, Flavours

Anything manufactures, tinned, packaged, some well known as nasties.

To avoid a number of these pathogens, organic food prepared from whole ingredients (not packaged) is highly recommended.

Common Symptoms Of Sensitivity

Bloating, fatigue, muscle ache, pain, diarrhoea, IBS, leaky gut, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, behavioural disturbances, ADD, any overwhelm or auto-immune disorder, swollen tonsils, recurrent colds and runny nose, glue ear, incontinence, emotional outbursts, depression, anxiety, period pain, migraine.  The list is vast, these are just a few common symptoms that can be reduced by avoiding and/or treating the substances you are sensitive to.

By asking your body what it has a reaction to through treatment, we can rebalance your body to these substances and remove the contributing factors, strengthen your immune system until you are able to tolerate foods and environments again.

Elaine Aron and Tedd Zeff have written some great books for Highly Sensitive People.  You can purchase them from my clinic or get them directly from the website:

Factors Effecting Intolerance

There are a number of causative effects discernible through treatment.  These are often a layering of various emotional and physical traumas that have accumulated to disrupt the system and the gastrointestinal tract,  immune system and autonomic nervous system resulting in the whole body becoming hyper reactive.

Possible accumulative causes:
Gestational trauma
Vanishing twin syndrom
Birth trauma
Physical or emotional abuse
Long periods of stress
Unresolved invasive procedure/accident
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Glandular fever
Auto-immune disorder

There is also 20% of the population who are born highly sensitive.  These people are highly sensitive for a reason and they are very much needed in this world.  However they are expected to fit into a society set up for 80% non sensitive people.  These people feel traumas and environmental factors, emotional responses of others, cruelty to themselves or others very deeply.  The resultant effect in their body is that traumas accumulate much more readily and their reactions are more severe.  They also need more time alone and resourcing for their bodies to reorganise and rebalance themselves.  They tend to have extreme effects from medications or other stimulants.

These people will have a higher likelihood of intolerance but also an enhanced ability to listen to their perceptions to avoid or heal them.

Managing and Healing Sensitivities

Our bodies know what they do and don't need for optimal health in the same way as a mother's body gives her cravings to support the growth of the foetus or the body reveals it's tensions and strains to the craniosacral therapist in order to release them.  

This is the same intelligence of the body that heals its own cuts and bruises.  It is this intelligence that determines the inherent treatment plan that the craniosacral therapist follows when you come for treatment.

In my own life, I not only listen to this intelligence when selecting my food from the shopping centre, but also at every meal- as the needs of my body are different in every moment depending on levels of sleep I have had, how much of various food types I have already eaten in the last week, how stressed I have been.  After doing this consciously for a while, it starts become automatic and requires much less effort as I just crave why I do want and only need to look at something that is disharmonious and know my body does not want this.

It goes further than that, body sprays, shampoos, cleaning products and toothpaste may be causing a reaction in your body and the vitamins you are taking to help may be exacerbating it if they contain additives or fillers.  Herbs, fruit and vegetables naturally contain "good" chemicals which your body may be reacting to so your natural medicines may be exacerbating your physical or emotional symptoms.

The cause of these intolerances or reactions from your body may be due to tensions and traumas held in your physical body, energetic body or spiritual bodies which usually have an emotional trauma or event holding them.

I now listen to the body during treatments to discern intolerance.  This is particularly useful when the recipient is unable to do this for themselves such as determining whether a baby might be able to tolerate formula or whether a food mother is eating is something the baby is intolerant to via the breast milk.  This has been useful in allowing mother to remain breast feeding by altering her diet.  It is also useful in determining what foods should be avoided in the case of food or chemical sensitivities.

During treatment, we simply ask your body to show its response to certain foods and chemicals and allow it to use it's inherent intelligence to release the underlying tensions and traumas to release the intolerance, allergy or sensitivity and allow your body to accomodate these substances once again.

Tools for Sensitivities 

Workshops on Managing Sensitivities

 Click here to see workshops available to help you understand why you or your child might be experiencing sensitivities and what to do about it.

You will lean to be aware of your body (and your children's) and use it as a guide.

You will also learn to discern for yourself whether a substance is harmonious to your body and to release any negative reactions so that this food or substance becomes once again harmonious.


Serenity (below) has been painted to harmonise the vibration of foods and chemicals to your own vibration and ease the reaction.  It can be worn as a t shirt, placed on the fridge as a magnet, hung on the wall as a print, given as a healing greeting card or used as part of a healing session via the ascension deck. 

There are many more paintings and healing products such as healing mugs.

Click here for more info.