When should I come for treatment?

If you have any illness, medical condition, aches or pains, feel dissatisfied in your life, are wanting to progress your spiritual or personal development, don't feel well physically or emotionally, or simply want to make sure your body and soul are balanced and in good order.

If you are a highly sensitive person (see here), then treatment will be highly beneficial for you to keep your physical and energy bodies in good order and able to repair themselves readily.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on how complex the web of traumas and strains are on your body and how long you have had them.

The general rule of thumb is one month for every year you  have had the condition.

On occasions symptoms can resolve in 1-5 sessions if they are not locked in by an accumulation of traumas.

The more you can open to treatment, and participate in your journey to wellness, the more profound progress can be made.

Many people continue on after the symptoms have gone and have monthly maintenance to keep them in good shape.  This means your body is better equipped to deal with the new stresses an strains that it encounters in every day life.

What will I experience during the treatment?

Each healing session is completely individual catering to the needs of the recipient at that moment in their life. Different techniques will be used according to the immediate needs of your body and spirit. 

You will lay on your back, fully clothed on the healing table. My hands will either be making gentle contact with you or be slightly off your body. There may be some gentle manipulation (or unwinding) of limbs or muscles. At times it may be necceaasry to verbally interact to bring into conscious awareness so deep issues that have emerged but mostly a deep state of relaxation is entered. 

People at times feel sensations or see colours, re-experience emotions, or may just feel very relaxed and light.  On occasions the physical body may vibrate, jolt or move on its own, this is normal and beneficial.  See testimonials page (Click here). 

How do I prepare for the treatment?

It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothes, preferably trousers and plan a gentle day. If you start to feel any symptoms come up on the day of treatment, this is ideal and is usually your body preparing for the session.  This occurs because time is linear and experiences actually exist in your energy field for a time before and after the actual physical experience.  

How far apart do I space my treatments?

Ideally treatment should occur weekly for acute physical/mental/emotional symptom until the issue is resolved.  

Fortnightly sessions are beneficial for spiritual development and wellbeing or preconception/fertility/post partum treatments.

Maintenance of pre-existing condition, pregnancy and spiritual development benefit from monthly sessions.

If there is a physical or emotional trauma such as a fall/accident or shock, the sooner after the incident that treatment occurs the better.  More than one session may be required to release all the shock.

Treatment during acute onset of a episodic events such as migraine, period pain, illness or infection, allergic reaction is highly recommended. 

 What do I expect after a treatment?

Integration can take 2 days to 2 weeks and even longer for multidimensional work (up to 6 months).  This does not mean that you have to be still and quiet all this time, the day of the session is enough.  However it does mean that you may be experiencing swings up and down in symptoms until the integration is completed.  After the completion, the issue worked with should be noticeably improved or completely absent.

You may experience symptoms such as mood swings, physical and emotional detoxification, may have heavy bowel movements, sleep may be effected temporarily.  Old symptoms may remerge.  This is a good sign as it means they are coming up for release and means they will no longer be held within the cells of your body.  Some people experience pain and sleep very deeply after the treatment.  Some people do not feel anything except light and unburdened.  It depends on how your body experiences the world.  Sensitive people are more likely to have more extreme responses.

Apart from the real physical and emotional changes that are noticed after a healing session, people tend to feel that their life flows better and troubling situations appear easier to manage. Situations and people that once trigger a traumatic or emotional response in them , no longer effect them.

How do I care for myself after a treatment?

You need to plan an easy day, you may be integrating some big changes in your body.  Stillness and peace and quiet is ideal, even an afternoon nap.  A quiet catch up with friends is Ok as long as it doesn't take you out of the present moment.  Activies that are relaxing and bring you joy are ideal to allow your healing session to complete itself naturally.  

You will be detoxing, so you need to drink lots of water to allow the process the complete fluidly.  

You can look after yourself the way you would care for somebody who has just had a procedure done at the hospital or who is recovering form a cold.

Also it is important you do not have other treatments within 3 days of your session. Massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy, and several other treatments can all stop/impede the integration of the session.  It is advisable to make appointments for other treatments prior to your craniosacral therapy appointment.

Can I call you if I am unsure?

If you feel that your body has swung into a symptom as part of the integration and is not coming back out, give me a call so I can tune into it and help it along.  If you are at all concerned about anything that occurred during the session, please also call me so we can discuss it.

I do not live locally, can I still be treated?

Yes I do remote cranio-sacral therapy/reiki/teaching etc over Skype or phone.  

Click here to arrange  or email me for more information.