Bookings and Prices

From June 2013 Tracy will be working in London 

Remote sessions are available for treatments anywhere in the world.

Gift Vouchers

Available as:

  • Single Craniosacral Therapy Session ($100) 
  • Any amount you specify for any product or service.
How to buy online:
To order these online, email Tracy specifying the details of the voucher you wish and click on the donate button.  Pay the amount you wish to purchase as your gift.   Alternatively purchase one at your next session.

eg/ If you wish to buy a singe adult session of craniosacral therapy, donate $90 by clicking this button and email Tracy to request your voucher. 

For Treatment with Tracy


- $100 (50GBP) per session 11yrs to adult. 

-$75 (40GBP) for 5 year olds to 10 years old 

- $65 (35GBP) for 6m up to 5 yr.

$55 (30GBP)
 for newborn up to 6 Months.

- $90 (50GBP) per parent/child session (2 recipients at once).
- $90 (50GBP) relationship healing (via energy diagram)
- $50  (30GBP) for a pet treatment.
- extra $20 (7GBP) per half hour travel for home visits.
- $90 (50GBP) Distance healings (phone/skype/ether).

Sessions last approx 1 hour.
Allow 1.5 hours for the
first visit.

Multiple Visits 
At least 4 sessions recommended 1-2 weeks apart:

To order personalised art or prints, please click here

Variable Amount

To pay for multiple visits or products, click the button below and manually enter your price.  Thanks. 

Alternatively ask for bank details to transfer online.



Phone UK: 07932 550 215