Several Types Of Consultation Are Available:

These can all be done remotely or in person. They are separate to treatments, but may include table Work, energy healing or an energy activation/attunement. 

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Sensitivity Consultations 

This consultation gives you the opportunity as a highly sensitive person or person suffering intolerances to food or the environment to discuss life issues, work with them energetically through energy diagrams or table work and bring peace and harmony to your life.

We can work with disharmonies and give you tools to manage your gifts and sensitivities such as physical or emotional empathy in your life.

If it is your child who is sensitive, we can work with helping you to understand and manage their sensitive nature and all that goes along with that.

The session can booked for up to 2 hours, charged at an hourly rate.

Teaching Consultations 

If you wish to progress your spiritual development or learn how to conduct your life from a soul or energy perspective, to get on track or even to learn how to heal others and your family, you can book teaching time, one on one.

This means you get teaching specific to your level and your needs.  You can also gather a small group for teaching.  This will mean that the teaching will be conducted at the level of the group and cater to the needs of the whole group and what you have in common.

Individual teaching is available anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours.    Group sessions need to be booked in 2, 4 or 6 hour sessions.

1 hour: $90

2hours: $160

3 Hours: $210

4 Hours: $250

6 Hours (group only): $360

Energy Balance Consultations 

These consultations may involve table work or energy diagrams or both. They are for personal balance but also can balance and harmonise any situation in your life.  You may want to release blockages in progressing your business or harmonise the energies in your home or office or therapy room to allow disharmonious situations to dissipate and progress to be made or peace to be restored.  This includes relationships, spaces or even intentions.

The sessions take about half hour to an hour depending on how many balances you need in the one session and how complicated each one is.

Half hour: $60

Full hour: $90

Relationship Consultations 

We learn so much about ourselves through relationship with others and healing the disharmonies and disparities in relationships also clears the contributing factors from our own lives, pathing the way to ease and grace in our relationships and our lives.

Issues effecting relationships can be due to patterns created in our upbringing, beliefs held about what we deserve, traumas that occurred in utero- past life or other dimensions.  

We will draw up an energy diagram which visually shows us the energy dynamic in the relationship and energetically repair the traumas that are holding the relationship in this energy pattern.  If deep issues arise, table work will be required.

You can come as a couple (friends, lovers, business colleagues) in order to heal an ongoing wound between you or an individual can come for the healing of the relationship.

Also very useful for families.  See testimonials below.

Prices as above.