Double Sessions

It is a unique opportunity for Tracy and Eva to offer double ( 4 Handed) sessions with two practitioners where the mother and child are both present as it can help to release the imprint carried by both as both were experiencing the trauma at the time and both are connected to each other very strongly until the child is 7yrs old.  Even a straight forward birth can cause strains on the craniosacral system that can be corrected via single or double craniosacral therapy sessions.

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Double Craniosacral Therapy Sessions

Tracy and Eva offer double sessions(4 handed) where they work together on mother and child either individually or in a combined session to resolve birth patterns before they have become solidified into patterns that cause dysfunction or pain. For those who have come across craniosacral therapy well after the birth process, they can be relieved via accessing the cell memory of the body to "undo" the patterns, stresses and traumas arising from this time or any time since.