Relationship Healing

Through both table work and diagnostic energy drawings, it has become obvious how interlinked we are with our loved ones, work colleagues and pets.

Invariably changes made during healing sessions effect the relationship to others and often the recipient of the healing is found to be holding physical symptoms and emotional traumas of others within their own body.  Pets (see animal healing), babies and sensitive people are especially likely to hold the different physical and emotional patterns of the whole family in their body .

Working with relationship issues specifically  (via a diagram or table work) will have a  balancing effect for all parties.  

When two people visit together, be they best friends, romantic partners or parent and child, the very presence of the other party influences the kind of energetic shifts that occur and seeing one person after the other, I see the same shifts in their body/energy field.

It is also possible to have two or more recipients in the one session.  This has been found to be especially beneficial where there is a shared trauma such as birth trauma (mother and child seen together in one session) or for children displaying similar patterning of behaviour. 

 Issues Effecting Relationships/Families

During a healing session,  we take into consideration the overall picture and inter relationships between all family members and partners that impact the situation or issue.  Animals and babies even at pre-conception are all contributing to the overall condition and often can be picked up in a healing for the individual.

Cellular memory can bring to the surface events that are not consciously remembered such as events that occurred whilst in the womb.  An example is Vanishing Twin Syndrome- a twin that died in-utero will be effecting the being and the family members psychologically, physiologically, energetically, spiritually and emotionally.  

Events like this can impact relationships, work life and general view of the world and environment.  This can be treated over several sessions to unpeel the layers of contributing factors to enable empowerment and freedom for the first time and vastly effect existing and future relationships.