Treatment Of Babies And Children

I use very subtle, gentle techniques to assist new born babies to enter their new environment, releasing birth trauma (for adults and infants) or pre-natal challenges. One of the joys of treating babies is that they tend to respond so well to treatment, and more quickly than adults. Many infant problems such as colic, sucking problems, breathing difficulties, restlessness and irritability may result from imbalances caused during the birth process. Treatment of young infants may help to relieve such problems. The mother often also benefits from rebalancing of hormones and the pelvis after the birth process. 


Craniosacral therapy is well known overseas for pregnancy and birth and even used routinely in some hospitals. Even a birth that is straight forward can benefit from the realignment of the bones and hormonal systems that is possible for both the baby and the mother. Whilst the new born bones are still soft in the early stages of development, alignment can prevent any solidified imbalances caused by the growth process around the strains and tensions caused during or pre- birth. It therefore can "nip in the bud" any disorders that may result later in childhood.