Multidimensional Healing 

The term multidimensional healing refers to  healing that occurs on multiple layers of your energy field and incorporates also past life, other realities (Star realms) and other worldly technologies.  It can also be called light work.  We are not just a physical body.  The spiritual and energetic anatomy has been mapped by various modalities and various cultures worldwide.  

A multidimensional healer, through their own spiritual development is able to open their gaze further out into the subtle energy fields and perceive fields and issues connected to the being at multiple frequencies or vibrational levels.  With this information they are able to effect change which moves through all energy fields/ frequencies and into your physical/ emotional life.

This work in tern, also enhances the spiritual development of the recipient by clearing traumas and tensions at these levels and opening them up to balanced functioning at higher vibrations.  This means the recipient begins to be able to perceive at higher frequencies of perception and their own spiritual gifts begin to emerge.  Their soul purpose becomes a more prominent calling int their life and their lives begin to alter and change.

A wider view

This change in the individual, effects change in their immediate environment, including their close relationships.  As they align to their own calling or divine purpose, they are then taking their place in the collective calling, effecting the earth and her evolution.  

When all people have cleared their traumas and are more clearly aligning to their souls calling, functioning at a higher frequency, this progresses evolution and all people begin to flow together.  

In nature everything has a role, and as each animal and plant and insect take up there day to day job, all flows perfectly together.  When we are also aligning to the collective flow, we align to our soul purpose and each complements the other to flow perfectly in unity as an overall collective.  We take our place in nature. 

If your would like to know more about spiritual evolution- 

Multidimensional Craniosacral Therapy 

Many forms of Cranisoacral therapy have evolved from the original teaching of Upledger and Sutherland, the Osteopathic fathers of Craniosacral Therapy.  The main ones being bio-mechanical and Biodynamic.

The bio-mechanical model looks at the cerebral-spinal fluid and how it moves through all the structures of the body in a rhythm like motion, called the Cranial rhythmical impulse.  From watching this we can look at different torsion patterns and alter the alignment of structures through mild manipulation/stimulation.

The biodynamic model deepens further in to the rhythm and listens to the more subtle, slower rhythms perceivable with a quiet, non invasive disposition.  At this level, creative energies move through the being and the cerebrospinal fluid and allow the health or potency to move through the being as a whole to resolve the misalignments and tensions perceived at the more superficial levels.  Working at the deep levels, allows powerful changes to occur at the level of the embryo and the development of the human body, the neural tube and the divine forces of life.

In deepening our felt senses and opening  our perceptive  fields still further, we can begin to perceive multidimensionally.

We perceive the different levels of the energy body, the various light bodies and chakras, the connection to others, to our planet, to the cosmos and the universe.  We see these subtle rhythms and potency move through the being a whole, realigning and reorganising as it moves through.

At these levels we can connect with angels, archetypes, integrate multidimensional bodies and connect with all levels of consciousness and group consciousness to resolve issues in our lives.  We release very easily form this viewpoint issues pre-birth, pre-incarnational and from other dimensions. This integration allows us to access gifts and understandings from the present place and time.

In treatment, the recipients body and soul are in charge of what they receive based on the issue that they have come to solve (intention of the session).  If they require bio-mechanical work, this is what they will receive.  If the issue is related to their embryonic development, they are likely to go into a deep, still state and receive biodynamic work.  If their systems have opened up to multidimensional work, then this will be what comes through.

In most multidimensional session, all levels are worked with  consciously at different parts of the treatment.  Of course if the therapist is able to hold a multidimensional space, and the recipient is able to expand to those levels, then treatments will always be multidimensional whether they consciously go there or not.