Art For Manifestation and Healing


The New Highly Sensitive and Gifted Children   The artwork to the right was channelled for and by the children of the new stream of consciousness.  I call them the rainbow crystal stream.  They are incredibly pure, empathic and telepathic souls.  

The painting above called Sanctity represents the soul essence of the children conceived and born in 2010 and 2011.  It also contains healing energy to help them sustain their soul vibration or frequency for optimum wellbeing in their physical form.  I find that each painting comes into form as the adults at the forefront of spiritual transformation receive the next level of their crystalline structures and ascended vibration.  At this point the children being born are arriving already holding this vibration.  

The characteristics of the children that carry the soul essence represented by this painting is that their bodies behave in a similar way to a quartz crystal.  When they are nourished and their needs listened to an understood at a deep level, they transmute all toxins and health issues of their own and of those around them.  When they are overwhelmed by their environment or the emotions/physical issues of others, their systems jam up and they are sensitive to a number of foods, environments and actually hold the physical and emotional traumas of others in their bodies instead of transmuting them.  Many adults will be finding themselves with similar characters as they move through spiritual transformation and as the number of these children being born increases to effect the overall vibration of earth and all her inhabitants.


These children thrive on gentleness.  Imposing on their system in any way can have negative effects due the nature of their refined energy which is self healing.  Medications, even natural ones and vaccinations can stop their energy fields from self clearing.  Resourcing them through nature and listening to their needs allows them to respond therapeutically by releasing unhealthful patterns the way their energetic systems know how.  They respond well to gentle energy work.  

This painting is available in cards, t- shirts, mugs in order to deliver the harmonising energy in the best possible way


Coming Home

Art for Manifestation 

  • Coming Home is a picture to attract the warm, safe home that you look forward to coming to every night.
  • It is also to attract the partner that you want to come home to.
  • The person who requested this personal drawing has a connection to dragonflies and small birds.
  • The idea is that in seeing the picture you are reminded of its meaning several times per day and will attract it to you.
  • You also will be receiving the healing vibration that the picture contains.


 Atlantis Portal

For  Information & Gallery:


  • Prints of existing artwork
  • Original painting intuitively designed for your or your intention.
  • Healing Cards
  • Healing Mugs and Energised Water Bottles
  • T-shirts, bags and other accessories holding artwork images and energy vibration.

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How It Works

  • If you have the arrival of a child, an issue that needs healing, something you wish to bring into your life, Tracy can create a picture especially for this purpose and especially for you.
  • Every time you look at this picture you will be reminded that you are bringing this into your life.
  • Having the picture in the your environment, will emit  into the room the healing vibration that it holds.
  • Tracy will discus your needs and any symbols that are important to you and intuitively “tune in” to draw a guided picture especially for you.
  • Prints and other vibrationally enriched art products are also available.

Art for Birth:

  • Grace and Creation are paintings for the birth of little boys and depicts the angelic spirit of the baby coming into the physical world.



Art For Healing 

  • Serenity is about assimilation with ones environment.  It is about oneness with all that is.
  • The intention was to heal food sensitivities (assimilation of food into the body) and to help with the transition of moving from England to Australia.
  • The horse has similar markings to the snow and is the same colour as the background.
  • Those with food sensitivities tend to be drawn to this picture and can benefit form it's energes.

Visionary Art

  • Tracy has visions and dreams which she is compelled to draw.
  • The Atlantis Portal is the place where the highly vibrating land of Atlantis merges with the earths physical dimension at the change of the tides and with the sunset.
  • This is where power crystals are collected from  the shore and free passage is possible between dimensions.
  • Twinspirits and Heavenly Brothers are also visionary paintings.

Heavenly Brothers

Soul Essence Drawing of Two Brothers

This included some healing during tuning in process  both for the boys individually and for their relationship (see relationship healing) as well some visionary information as to the energy of the wings and energy fields.