My healing is guided/intuitive. I listen to feedback from the body which reveals blockages/injuries/ trauma on a physical, emotional and energetic/spiritual level and release them with very gentle yet effective techniques. These include: 

  • Healing of the "New Children" (click here)
  • Chakra work (clearing, balancing, restructuring, energising) 
  • Balancing energy bodies 
  • Realigning hara line (ability to fulfill you lifes purpose) 
  • Transmitting healing energy in to the body 
  • Releasing cords connecting you to people/situations/belief systems/attachments (multidimensional)
  • Relationship healing 
  • Conception and birth preparation (energising womb and releasing blockages) 
  • Cleansing of buildings/situations/ relationships 
  • Clearing entity attachments 
  • Past Life Release (only if required) 
  • Crystalline Body/Spiritual Progression/ Multidimensional Evolvement.
  • Spiritual Development/Ascension

    My healing is spiritually guided and will progress at the pace that your body and soul has agreed and in fact planned on.  The healing session, once booked and committed to is already determined once the intention is set.  You set the intention and your guides, masters, angels will be set to attend to bring through that which you have intentioned, be that healing, manifestation or spiritual growth.

    Depending on where you are in your spiritual growth and what your specific needs are various levels of healing will come through, using the required multidimensional experts.  Invariably, over a series of sessions, usually after releasing physical, emotional, past life, relationship issues, tensions and distortions, you will progress to hara line (life purpose) alignment, activation of your soul seat (desire to fulfill life's purpose) and activation of your pineal gland (see video opposite) where your multidimensional gifts will come through.  You will get to know yourself, why you are here and begin walk straight on your path.  All the things you have experienced will start to come together to form the picture of what you are truly here to be and do and the obstacles on the way will begin to diminish and disappear.


    Each healing session is completely individual catering to the needs of the recipient at that moment in their life. Different techniques will be used according to the immediate needs of your body and spirit. Apart from the real physical and emotional changes that are noticed after a healing session, people tend to feel that their life flows better and troubling situations appear easier to manage. 

    You will lay on your back on the healing table. My hands will either be making gentle contact with you or be slightly off your body. There may be some gentle manipulation (or unwinding) of limbs or muscles. At times it may be necceaasry to verbally interact, but mostly a deep state of relaxation is entered. People at times feel sensations or see colours, re-experience emotions, or may just feel very relaxed and light. It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothes, preferably trousers and plan a gentle day. See testimonials page (
    Click here). 

    The table contains crystals and I am often guided to bring some further crystals or artworks or codes into the healing session.

    There are also crystals available for purchase.

    Diagnostic Energy Diagrams

    Tracy is guided to draw the way that various relationships, building or workplace energies look on multi-dimensional levels and then heal them via the drawing.  This is similar to distance healing.  It is also similar to visiting a psychic in that you can receive specific information about a situation you are trying to resolve or attract.  This includes future partners and pregnancies.

    People tend to feel the energies moving through their body and notice the relevant situations change in their life.  This service is recommended in person but is available via phone or skype.

    Relationship Healing

    Through both table work and diagnostic energy drawings, it has become obvious how interlinked we are with our loved ones, work colleagues and pets.

    Invariably changes made during healing sessions effect the relationship to others and often the recipient of the healing is found to be holding physical symptoms and emotional traumas of others within their own body.  Pets are especially likely to hold the different physical and emotional patterns of the whole family in their body (see animal healing).

    Healing of the relationship itself  (via a diagram) will have a  balancing effect for all parties.  

    When two people visit together, be they best friends, romantic partners or parent and child, the very presence of the other party influences the kind of energetic shifts that occur and seeing one person after the other, I see the same shifts in their body/energy field.

    It is also possible to have two or more recipients in the one session.  This has been found to be especially beneficial where there is a shared trauma such as birth trauma (mother and child seen together in one session) or for children displaying similar patterning of behaviour.

    Sacred Geometry Healing Table

    This is one of few channelled healing tables based on sacred geometry.  Each table is intuitively made for the specific practitioner who will be working with it and has a unique energy or healing consciousness.  The crystals embedded in the table sit below the cushioning, and assist with the healing.  These are intuitively placed for each receiver depending on their needs.  Just laying on the table is a healing experience.

     Energetic Artworks and Crystals

    You will select artworks that will be placed inside the sacred geometry table with some crystals.

    Tracy paints the artworks with a healing intention and purpose and also includes some codes of other artists energetic artworks.

    Creation is a painting that would be used if a recipient was planning to become pregnant.  it depicts the soul of the child guided by the light to move down through the nautilus shell (fibinachi sacred geometry) into the physical womb of the mother.

    For more info or to buy paintings or prints: www.personalisedintuitiveart.com.


    Reiki is channeling of divine life force energy. This occurs throughout every session and can be felt by the recipient as heat/cold tingling or various other sensations. It is the intelligence of the recipients body that determines how much energy is recieved and where the energy is directed as it will be drawn to the area where it is most needed. It clears out stuck emotions and heals physical ailments on an energetic/spiritual level before they can become solidified into the physical level. It also reverses the phyically mainfested ailments back into energy form for release.