Treatments are client led.  This means that your body sets the priorities and the pace.  We will set an intention around the issue at hand and your body will work to resolve this.  Treatments take about about 1 hour.  The initial consult will take about 1.5 hours as we get to know each other and take into account your history as well as your current situation.


The type of techniques that are required for you will depend on the amount and type of layering of issues that your body has to contend with and work though.

Those who have not had alternative therapies before or have lost awareness of their physical body are likely to have a more biomechanical treatment.  Those who have been working through their issues for a while and have had energy work before are more likely to perceive what is going on, be able to be more active in their own treatment and shift issues at higher vibrational levels.

All treatments progress personal/spiritual growth as they bring you more in touch with your body and ultimately your inner self, shedding outworn symptoms and patterns.

At the very high level, you begin to open up to more of your gifts and amazing transformation.