Frequently I have found, whilst treating children with autism, aspergers, speech delay, ADD, hypersensitvity and hearing issues that the compression released from their system during treatment has come, at least in part form vaccination years before.  Parents have also reported that their delay was accumulative( got worse at each period they receive their next vaccination) and in many cases  they even lost skills they previously had attained.

In my role in hospitals testing children and adults brainwaves, I often found that funny turns, seizures, developmental delay or regression seemed to follow a day or two after their vaccination.  It was this which lead me initially to a talk by Trevor Gunn in London in 1999.

Recently I treated a baby a day after her 2 month shots.  I had treated just a couple of weeks before for birth trauma (Caesarian birth) and she was very balanced.  Her mother reported that "she had lost her light", she was grizzly, not as calm and couldn't relax into deep sleep.  When picked up, she didn't seem to be able to get air.  If put on her back, she coughs.  

I found her lungs and respiratory system to be the most effected, there was a lot of shock held in her system and her respiratory diaphragm was very tight.  The shock was stopping her body from realigning and healing itself.  She was very "out of her body" and her multidimensional bodies were unable to organise themselves around this so were all misaligned.  Her energy field was gluggy. Emotional releases of fear, confusion and sadness moved energetically out of her system during treatment. I had to do a lot of repair work in her frontal lobe of her brain, the glands in her throat (immune system) and her throat and crown chakras.  Her whole system was also quite compressed.  There was also repair work on her light body.  This body is a winged body and the left wing was damaged.  Repairing this allowed her spirit to embody again.  At this point her light returned.  

With treatment we were able to correct all of this, however she may require further treatment once her body has integrated the initial treatment with the resources it had left.  A shock in the system like this, uses a high proportion of the bodies energy/resources in attempting to correct itself again.  She regained her light and her breathing was easy again.  The vaccinations she received were the triple vaccine DPT,  PPV, PCV and Rotavirus.  The triple vaccine  includes Whooping cough which I believe was the component responsible for her respiratory distress and also linked to cot death by Vera Scheibner- A medical doctor in Australia who has investigated the relationship between vaccination and cot death).  

Though craniosacral therapy can help to reverse the effects of vaccination, there is much evidence as you will see in the above video and free ebook that demonstrates that the whole principle vaccination is based on is flawed and when looking at epidaemiology, actually ineffective and the point of immunising in the first place very questionable.

If left untreated, in cases where the body is unable to release the compression itself, the body then accumulates further misalignments in its attempt to rebalance itself and must grow around the impediment.  The tensions and compressions form the basis of further accumulative tensions and strains and can result in all kinds of short and long term issues and symptoms.  When the body can be re-aligned after a trauma such as this, it then has a firm foundation for growth and development.

 Second Treatment

On the second treatment two weeks later, her mother reported that her sleep was back to normal but she had severe stomach pain one day when her mother ate leak and cream (breast feeding). She also had picked up a cold.

Her energy system felt very good, but there was some tightness in her throat, lungs, digestive system and throat glands.  Her digestive system showed that it was the leek that was the problem and that spring onion would also cause a similar problem.  Onion was OK as long as it was in breast milk.  When she is older she may not be able to eat onion herself.  By being taken through the breast milk the emotional, energetic and physical components are altered enough that it is gentle to her system.  There is an onion allergy in her cousins (family tendency).  However the onion was also Ok because her body is requiring glandular food at the moment so the overall effect was a positive one.  See article below.  We were able to transmute most of the effects so that her reaction to leek and spring onion will be very minor.

Are the food sensitivities related to the vaccination?

Partially yes..the glands are effected by the adjuvant that is a part of the vaccination (a poison to the body and the reason the vaccination causes the antibodies to proliferate).  Whilst there are toxins in the body, it effects the gland function.  It therefore reacts by perceiving a threat where there was little or none before. 

The body is an intelligent system that knows which foods are beneficial and which are not depending on the factors present at the time.

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Healthy Food For The Glands

( Originally Published 1930 )

You may recall the scientific and revolutionary bomb-shell that exploded within our midst some years ago when the Ponce de Leons of our age announced that the fountain of eternal youth had at last been discovered. We learned, somewhat to our dismay to be sure, that all we had to do to become young and vigorous once more was to have our glands removed and others, of questionable origin, substituted in their stead.

The theory was sensational to say the least. A few intrepid adventurers tried it. They took their lives in their hands, literally speaking, and went gallantly forth to capture youth at any price of pain.

That was some years ago. We are not hearing as much about this scientific accomplishment today. Many times it failed with fatal results. The practice was risky, but the principle was sound. If we could renew the glands of the body, we would undoubtedly have youth: That was the principle on which the scientists worked.

Some of the great German scientists have spent years in the study of glands and as a result of this scientific research, have experimented with operations, serums, and the various light rays that stimulate the action of these very important organs of the body. They have seen some of their theories fail be-cause their artificial methods only result in temporary stimulation of glandular function. Youth may return for a few years, but after this there is a violent reaction because nature's laws have been violated.

The natural way to renew the glands is to first assist them in removing any poison or waste that is paralyzing their activities, and then take into the body through the food we eat, natural elements that increase and stimulate glandular secretions. If the glands are freed of congestion, they will take what they need for reparation in normal amounts. That is to say, abnormal conditions can be corrected by the glands themselves when they get the living foods they especially need.

Where there are wastes and toxins in the system, there can be no permanent body building. Especially in chronic conditions. Only after the system is thoroughly cleansed by our Eliminative Feeding regime (and note that more than one Elimination is necessary in chronic conditions) then scientific glandular feeding may begin.

Olive oil and lemon juice taken half and half help to feed glands as well as brains and nerves. In regions where iodine is lacking in the soil, goitre is prevalent. Artificial iodine, such as is bought in drug-stores, is an actual poison. Use only natural iodine to be found in Nature's gardens and in sea foods.

Egg yolks 
Cod liver oil 
Potato skins 
Sea lettuce 
Irish moss 
Vegetable salt 
Olive oil with lemon juice
Wesson oil
Mazola oil 
Avocado pears 
Dried olives

The preparation called Sea Lettuce is a very good glandular food, especially for those having thyroid trouble (goitre). It is in a powdered form and is used after Elimination, one-quarter teaspoonful in water once a day or in the form of iodine Salt (not iodized salt) upon foods. With the use of this and the foods tabulated above, more glandular vitality has been experienced after two or three months.

As many of their secretions go directly into the blood-stream, the glands of the body are a powerful chain of vitalizers and adjusters, and their normal action is most essential in body building. All the glands are so closely inter-related that what affects one influences all, and what they pour into the blood-stream decides unequivocally the state of our health.

The glandular functions are very easily disturbed, being closely related to the sympathetic nervous system. For that reason, worry, hate, jealously, anger, fear, sorrow and pain—any intense emotional disturbance—inhibit and seriously affect glandular function. When these negative influences become habitual over a long period of time, they cause permanent ill health.

As an illustration, if a nursing mother be-comes emotionally upset, the milk glands are affected in such a way that the infant suffers pain and digestive disturbance. The mother's nervousness has caused a poison to collect in the milk glands.

We must lay stress on mental elimination as well as physical elimination. Poisons can be put back into a clean body by poisonous thoughts and feelings. All negative, destructive thinking and feeling must go if 100% health is to be obtained from our Body Building System. This is to be emphasized. When your body is experiencing cleansing and rejuvenation through eating radiant, life-giving foods, your mental and emotional life should likewise have attention. All that is narrow, intolerant and limiting should be eliminated; all that tends to happiness and well-being, fostered. Then will the glands work harmoniously with nature's life-giving processes to bring about vitality and health.

A lack of personal power or force is due to poor glandular activity. Women especially, suffering from the various ills that fall their lot, lose personal magnetism and charm when this negative glandular function that is the basic cause of their complaints reflects in their personalities.

Everyone has experienced that sense of well-being and exuberance from happiness and joy. The eyes shine, the cheeks glow, and the heart beats faster. You suddenly seem to bloom. It is an infectious thing as well as a social uplift. Your happiness makes you radiant, yet few realize what chemical changes this emotion causes in your body. There is a powerful chain of glands, the pituitary, thyroid and the adrenals which, when stimulated by happiness, pour their secretions directly into the blood-stream. This combined secretion forms a potent antiseptic and stimulant which was called by the ancients, "the elixir of life." The body under this condition becomes impervious to all disease, resulting in a state of, health and well-being.

You may argue that you have nothing to be happy about—that everything has a way of going wrong with you. That in itself is an admission of either physical, or mental ill-health, or a combination of both. The quicker you get to work cleansing and building your body, the better for you.

Whether you are young or old, you want to do all in your power to improve your health. Children need chemical elements in their food to actually build bone, teeth, muscle, nerve and ligament. They must have them if they are to grow sturdy. Adults, on the other hand, have a great deal of healing and repair work to do. They need more nerve, brain and glandular foods than children, and less of the building materials. Advanced maturity has its own particular needs.

How to eat to accomplish the most benefit for your age—building your body with consideration for what it has before it or behind it—will be the next step. For it really doesn't matter whether you are five or fifty—you can achieve your purpose and acquire youthful vitality and a strong healthy body. The many details involved are necessary for individual success. Each one of us has individual needs and a history all our own. Age is merely a scale by which we measure what, in the way of wear and tear, the body has had to contend with. The years mean nothing more to us who are on our way to perfect health and true rejuvenation.

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