Our bodies know what they do and don't need for optimal health in the same way as a mother's body gives her cravings to support the growth of the foetus or recognises and heals its own cuts and bruises.  This is the same intelligence of the body that reveals it's tensions and strains to the craniosacral therapist in order to release them.    It is this intelligence that determines the inherent treatment plan or priority and order of healing that the craniosacral therapist follows when you receive a treatment. As a Craniosacral Therapist- I listen to the recipients body and their whole energetci/spiritual system as a whole.
Through food sensitivities and chronic fatigue I have learnt to listen to my own body in every moment, from what I "feel" like doing today to what products I use and how I proritise my day.   I not only listen to this intelligence when selecting my food from the shopping centre, but also at every meal- as the needs of my body are different in every moment depending on levels of sleep I have had, how much of various food types I have already eaten in the last week, how stressed I have been, what season it is.  Factors such as whether the food is local or foreign and what the life journey of the food has been even comes into play.  With further development of my listening skills, I was able to discern many other factors that effect our health and wellbeing such as what mood the chef was in when preparing the food or that the vibration of it is discordant with our own vibrational frequency.
The cause of these intolerances or reactions from your body may be due to tensions and traumas held in your physical body, energetic body or spiritual bodies which usually have an emotional trauma or event holding them.  
As a therapist I have been able to listen to the bodies of others when they were unable to such as determining whether a baby might be able to tolerate formula or whether a food mother is eating is something the baby is intolerant to in the breast milk.  This has been useful in allowing mother to remain breast feeding by altering her diet.  It is also useful in determining what foods should be avoided in the case of food or chemical sensitivities.
It goes further than that, body sprays, shampoos, cleaning products and toothpaste may be causing a reaction in your body and the vitamins you are taking to help may be exacerbating it if they contain additives or fillers.  Herbs, fruit and vegetables naturally contain "good" chemicals which your body may be reacting to so your natural medicines may be exacerbating your physical or emotional symptoms.  There are easy ways of working with these in your life until you can release the traumas.
I have noticed that some people are reacting to all food that has been milled, regardless of its chemical make up or who has handled it.  It is different for every person based on their present and past life experiences and lessons.  As people are becoming gradually more spiritually aware and finding ther spiritual gifts arising, they often also become more sensitive to their environment, the moods of others and their food.  This sensitivity requires an increased awareness of self and the listening skills need to be honed to make the world a safe, harmonious place to be.
 Empathic people and the new children (spiritually evolved souls being born in large numbers to help the earth ascend), often find themselves tired, weak, moody and physically achy.  This is a heightened sensitivity to your world as you learn to adjust, change and increase your awareness.  Apart from being a crash course in listening to your own needs, it is a protective mechanism to ensure you stay home when you need to rest and integrate rather than go on with your busy day, being conscious of your routines and less conscious of your own needs.
Through craniosacral therapy treatment, we can ask your body to show its response to certain foods and chemicals and allow it to use it's inherent intelligence to release the underlying tensions and traumas to release the intolerance, allergy or sensitivity and allow your body to accomodate these substances once again.  This therapy not only helps you release traumas causing disharmony to your foods but also strengthens your body and your energetic anatomy to harmonise you to your environment and to help you integrate spiritual, physical and emotion change.
Winter is a time of battening down the hatches and going inner, rather than outer.  We huddle up together and eat hot, heavier foods.  Listen to your body, it knows what it needs to harness the winter energies of hibernation and will change its body rhythms and hormonal flow according to the levels of sunlight and cold.  By summer you should be really adept at listening to the messages from your body and be ready for your outer process!
Serenity (below) has been painted to harmonise the vibration of foods and chemicals to your own vibration and ease the reaction.  It can be worn as a t shirt, placed on the fridge as a magnet, hung o the wall as a print or calendar, given as a healing greeting card or used as part of a healing session via the ascension deck. Click here for info.