Harnessing Your Unique Gifts 

It is a common event to see people striving to be the best at the thing they hold in high esteem and measure themselves and others against that, be that beauty, success or wealth or just to be the best. Nobody can ever be as good as you at being you. There is only one you and you have unique gifts and a unique purpose that you brought with you into this life. The purpose is not in what you do, but in being who you are. When you are measuring yourself by your own truth and integrity, you will uncover those gifts and life will unfurl its splendor for you.  


By listening to the messages from your own soul you bypass the learnt values and desires to find a true treasure. The treasure is yourself. When you check in with yourself in every moment...Do I really want to do that? Does that feel like the right path? You will begin to get clearer messages from your soul and find that life flows for you.  


Your feelings or senses become a barometer for your life as you learn to listen to yourself and know yourself better. You begin to trust your messages and find that you are always delivered where you need to be and where you are needed. You recognise when you are not on track, or not following the guidance of your heart, because it doesn't feel right.  


When you have a strong emotional or physical reaction, or the feeling is not right, it becomes an alarm to regroup, centre and look at why this situation is occurring, there is reason that you have chosen it, and take the growth from it. By accepting and trusting the experience, your response is altered and miraculous solutions appear. Having a clear intention facilitates this growth.  


When you are able to listen to your true self in every moment, you will bump into the person you needed to or be reminded of someone that is the key to your next step. Our mind may think that we want to go for coffee with our best friend and after all this is what we planned and it is a beautiful day, but...when you check in...you discover that you really want to sit in your garden and play with your dogs. In doing that, you were home to receive that important phone call. In situations where our beliefs or patterning are strong, we often forget to check in. A food substance may be widely believed to be good for us, such as honey,but when you check in, your body doesn't want it.  


With this new found trust you have in yourself, you begin to trust your environment, and your world, as not only do miracles occur regularly but you recognise that you are always where you are meant to be. That job you dislike alters because you can see the gifts you bring. Where you have felt you needed to do the job exceedingly well, you may realise that your presence, your specific vibration even, is enhancing the workplace or project even if you don't do anything except be yourself. It may not be about the work you are doing, but the feeling of safety you create which increases staff happiness and productivity.  


When we see ourselves for our gifts and accept our own beauty, we are able to accept our flaws as part of the package. Through that process, we are able to accept others unconditionally and allow them to unfold their unique gifts that brought them here, without needing to be like them or reject them for their flaws or competing with them.  


After experiencing the joy of self-acceptance, it is easy to see when we are out of alignment. When we are living in alignment with our soul and life purpose, we naturally feel joy, and all needs are met as each individual life purpose complements all others. When all people are living joyously this way, there is true heaven on earth as all flows perfectly.

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