The peacock represents alignment and symmetry of the physical, energetic and spiritual (multidimensional) bodies.  It bring you into the present as a whole being from where you can conduct yourself with integrity and bring through your unique gifts. The feather display of the peacock signifies the luminance that emerges from expansion of inner beauty and expression of the soul essence.  When we extend our divine connection energetically upward into the infinite oneness and ground deeply into the earth we can expand our soul essence outward through all our energy bodies and this becomes visible on some level to others.        


If you picked this card for your guidance, you are reminded to align to your higher guidance and to connect to the divine and the earth equally.  From this place, all that we attract to us is in alignment to our being.  That which drops away are the situations or people that are no longer in alignment with us.  Holding on to them holds us out of alignment with our true self and our true life purpose and potential.  Whatever you intend is what you align to.  The longer you hold that alignment, the longer you attract those that are in alignment with your intention.  You are guided to hold the intention to be in alignment with your life’s purpose and your true self on all levels of your being so that your intuition leads you to people and activities that are aligned to your true self.

Vibrational Properties

Having this card in your environment or as part of your healing session, will help you to hold your multidimensional energy bodies in alignment and to retrieve healed aspects of yourself that have been scattered through trauma.  By becoming whole once again you can release old patterns that are holding you out of alignment with your true self and your true life’s purpose.  You will naturally have a clearer connection to the guidance from your higher self and attract people and situations that move you forward on your true path and help you reach your true potential.

The Ascension Deck.

Produced by Tracy Robbins
This is part of an 11 card set of Vibrational Art Cards

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