Newest Painting by Tracy Robbins. Holds vibration of your pure crystalline core that cannot be interfered with, dirtied or controlled. It is strong and pure and here now, landed in the 3D reality. It works to purify and detoxify your environment and body. 

 It has some great references already 
1). Placed under babies bed- baby slept through night for first time.
2). Put up in workplace- came home from work without being drained for the first time
3). Touched the original painting-  rush to toilet twice.
4). Saw on computer, felt healing energies move over her and took away pain in bad foot, no longer limping. 


Sanctity represents the pure, unblemishable core within us.  She is empowered and shines her light where ever she is, so pure and crystalline she reflects the colours of her environment outwardly, brightening and enlightening all around her.  As she emanates her radiant glow, all toxins, negativity and blockages are cleared away.  She has arrived from the stars, like an inception of divine grace and heralds the new evolved, conscious reality.


If you picked this card for your guidance, you are ready for the next step of your conscious evolution.  You have made it through the many challenges that you have had to overcome on your spiritual path and have moved into the next phase.  You are ready to reveal yourself in your light and truth.  The work you have done on yourself is now touching the lives of others in positive ways as well.  Allow your light to shine and to dissolve all blockages to success and well being, be they physical illness, interference from others or traumatic self sabotaging patterns.  It is safe to shine as nobody can stop you anymore, you are untouchable!  Get in touch with the part of you that knows this to be truth, access your inner Sanctity.

Vibrational Properties

Having this card in your environment or as part of your healing session, will help you to access the part of yourself that is empowered, pure and radiant, that cannot be stopped or interfered with.  It will move you along your path towards the crystalline reality and release toxins in your environment, energetic and physical and bodies. Place it in a toxic or uncomfortable environment or on your fridge.


 Available as print by visitting website