I am collaborating with Arahina Healing ( http://arahinahealing.com) to provide a pre-conception care package including craniosacral therapy, herbalism, akashic records healing, spiritual healing.  I have painted the “Peony” painting as part of this program.

The properties of Peony are:
PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome), Androgen excess, high/low oestrogen, elevated prolactin, low progesterone
Threatened miscarriage
Anovular menstrual cycle
Irregular menstrual cycle
Acne due to androgen excess
Infertility due to unbalanced hormone profile
Period pain
Over active uterus during pregnancy
Heavy periods
Smooth muscle relaxant especially in uterus, anti inflammatory, hormone regulator

The soul essence of Peony is:
Promotes- peace, ease and grace.
Tempers self sufficiency and ensures help, support, and a soft landing.  It Demolishes reluctance and facilitates a sense of when it is safe to wear the softness of your heart on your sleave.
It is welcoming, returns the heart to innocence and joy, reduces the effects of existing allopathic side effects or dammage.
Ensures freedom from "sin". Connects to divine angellic support (bring the love from above).

The painting can be used during treatment or placed on the wall to emit the healing vibrations it bestows and to remind you of divine  support for your intention to bring a new child into the world.