Becoming More Sensitive

The race to 2012 is characterised by a swift raising of vibration or frequency (these terms are used interchangeably).  Our multidimensional bodies are being all brought into the here and now rather than being scattered through past lives and existences on other planets and other realms. The old limitting patternings from past and future generations are being removed from our cells and our energy bodies and our energy fields are becoming lighter, brighter and more expansive.  It is becoming very uncomfortable for us to exist within our old boxes and in the old paradigms.

As our vibration raises and our DNA changes, emotions of fear, anger, depression etc all move out through our emotional bodies and our other multidimensional layers.  Our inter-family and inter-community relationships are being put through their paces and eventually clensed and harmonised.

 One of the most subtle, yet somehow most difficult to manage changes and probably the one noticed first is that we become more sensitive.  We become sensitive to any disharmony in our environment, our bodies, our relationships, our foods and even in peoples intentions and attitudes.  These disharmonies become much more obvious, as if they have been amplified.  This is for several reasons.  The main reason is because we are becoming more able to sense on the subtle levels as our vibration increases so in essence it is your gift that is causing your sensitivity and your sensitivty is your gift.  You are also reclaiming abilities that the human brain has always had but not generally been used.  These gifts/sensitivities are also your compass or your GPS to your own direction in life, your souls purpose in this time. 

People experience their sensitivity/gift in many different ways depending on their primary souls purpose.  While some people are sensitive to social interaction and will get physical and emotional symptoms from being around others who are not genuine in their conversation or intentions, other will develop an empathic ability.  You can be emotionally or physically empathic or both which means that you can feel in your own body the feeling and physical symptoms of others as if they are yours.  When this occurs, it can be very difficult to tell when the symptoms are yours or someone elses.  You may be picking up on the condition of someobody in your energy field (Same room or house of suburb, depending how much you have expanded) or the condition of somebody who you have a strong connection (or etheric cord to) such as a family member or close friend/lover. 

As these symptoms creep up on us over months or years, we are not used to looking for these kind of things and are usually under the illusion that it is us who is depressed.  It can take years of learning to listen to your body and energy field to be able to discern the difference.  When you can discern the difference there are easy steps for you to take in order to release it from your energy field so that you are expressing your light and not taking the symptoms or conditions on as your own.  Those who are empaths tend to be inherently healers.  This means that you are feeling these feelings to tell you that there is an issue that somebody has that you can work with.  It doesn't mean you have to go around healing everyone you feel, although eventually you may be doing this just by shining your light and allowing the lower frequency energies to move out of your field (which is rather large so everybody connecting with it is getting a healing).  The symptoms you are feeling however are in your inbox, they are information for you, telling you that you have work to do here if you accept it.  You then organise it into yes, no and later piles.  You will find that once you have listened to the message and organised it, it will no longer bother you.

There is a common misconception that those who are sensitive are often told.  This was relevant in the old paradigm but is not useful as we are moving into a higher vibration reality: "you must protect yourself by covering yourself in white light".  You cannot protect yourself from feeling these symtpoms as they are your messenger, your gift.  The idea of protection is based on fear and disempowerment (lower vibration than you already are) and as you raise your vibration you begin to become aware of your power and gifts.  You manage them by listening to them, feeling them and using them as information guiding you to your role in this world and helping you navigate through the changes in your own spiritual growth and expansion.

For more information about managing sensitivities, or to attend a workshop- visit Your Sensitivity is a Gift website: