Tracy is providing teaching via one on one teachings and group workshops.  Some workshops are in collaboration with other teachers/healers. 

The Highly Sensitive Children

Tracy Robbins

Highly Sensitive Children are being born in large numbers at the moment and are part of the species evolution.  They are highly aware but also require a different kind of parenting, schooling etc.  Certain factors that do not effect other children negatively may be effecting your child.  Once you understand them and their needs, you come to know them as amazing, special children to learn from and helping them stay resourced and empowered is easier than you may know.

Further resources: Elaine Aron, Tedd Zeff

Also some of my paintings are designed to harmonise their arrival and experience in this realm. Click here.

Co-Create Your Spiritual Evolution via Vibrational Painting

Tracy Robbins 

Want to bring healing energies into your artworks and allow them to tell you a story of your own spiritual evolution?  You will then use the painting for your own spiritual growth both during the painting process and by having it in your environment.  If you are a healer, you can use it in your headings for others for two reasons: the painting contains the evolutionary healing codes to work with anyone that needs it and you have already embodied it through the painting process so even without the painting present you will be transmitting its energies.

Small intimate class or one-on-one.

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Your Sensitivity is a Gift

Alison Filihia and Tracy Robbins

This one day workshop lays the foundations of understanding increasing sensitivity from a soul perspective and from a physical perspective.  It provides information and understanding about why we are sensitive to foods and chemicals as well as other things we can be sensitive to without being consciously aware of it.  

It gives you tools to identify and transmute disharmonious substances and issues.  You can use these tools in your life to help guide you on your path.  Let your body be your GPS, by listening to the messages it is giving you and harnessing them to bring you and your families toward health and wellbeing. 

For more information:

Your Sensitivity Is A Gift- Therapists 

Tracy Robbins

This is similar to the above but is designed for people who are already working on energy/ or health levels and cuts out some of the basic information.  This will be a small intimate group over 2 half day sessions.

You will learn about the 20% of the population who are sensitive and why this is important for our evolution and how to manage this for your self, your families and your clients on a day to day level, including transmuting foods and disharmonious issues.